Coronavirus Update



Updated 10/01/21

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Islamic Cultural Centre (Wembley) Masjid is still open for prayers however please follow all of the guidelines

We will maintain the previous safety measures:

  • The Mosque will open 15 minutes before jamā‘ah, and close 15 minutes thereafter
  • Please pray Sunnah and Nafl prayers at home
  • Everyone must wear a mask covering both the mouth and nose
  • Everyone must bring their own prayer mat
  • You must make your ablution before coming to the masjid
  • We strongly advise those over 70 below 13 children or those with health vulnerabilities to pray at home
  • At all times, maintain distancing and be mindful of your safety and the safety of others
  • We have minimised the capacity of Mosque following the Government guidance of social distancing.
  • 1st Friday prayer will be at 12:30PM, 2nd Friday prayer at 1:00PM and 3rd Friday Prayer at 1:30PM
  • Registration with SalaahSpace WebApp is compulsory for Jummah Salah. No entry if registration is not made.
    (Please bear in mind that registration is usually active from Tuesday to Friday)
    Below is the link you need to book your Jummah space.

  • We request the worshippers, please not to gather outside the Masjid and follow the government guidance of social distancing.
  • Please strictly adhere to guidelines and co-operation must be shown with all volunteers


Updated 03/01/21

Below are start of term arrangements

Classes 2 to 5 will have Online Zoom lessons from Tuesday 5th January to Friday 15th January

Class 1 lessons will resume from Monday 18th January

Please also find Covid-19 Risk Assessment for re-opening of Madrassah here

Covid-19 Leaflets

Please ensure you follow the guidelines outlined in the leaflets below:
Hands, Face, Space leaflet – English
Hands, Face, Space leaflet – Hindi
Hands, Face, Space leaflet – Gujarati
Hands, Face, Space leaflet – Arabic
Hands, Face, Space leaflet – Somali

Six Ways to Improve your Wellbeing

Taking care of yourself is really important, especially in these challenging times. Follow the six simple steps in the guides below to improve your mental health and wellbeing