Coronavirus Update



Updated 01/12/20

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

We are re-opening

Islamic Cultural Centre (Wembley) Masjid is set to re-open again from:

Wednesday 2 December 2020, for all five daily prayers.

We will maintain the previous safety measures:

• The Mosque will open 15 minutes before jamā‘ah, and close 20 minutes after.

• Everyone must wear a mask covering both the mouth and nose.

• You must make your ablution before coming to the masjid.

• We strongly advise those over 70 below 13 children or those with health vulnerabilities to pray at home.

• At all times, maintain distancing and be mindful of your safety and the safety of others

• We have minimised the capacity of Mosque following the Government guidance of social distancing.

• First Friday prayer will be @ 12:30PM: 2nd Friday prayer 13:00PM.
Bring your prayer mat, face mask.

As was done previously, You will need to register on Salah Space for your Jumma space.
(Please bear in mind that registration is usually active from Tuesday to Friday)
Below is the link you need to book your Jumma space.
Priority entrance will be given to those who have booked online. Those who do not book online will need to wait for availability.
Please use the link below to book your Jummah.

• Once the capacity is reached, security volunteers will close the gates and nobody will be allowed in.

• We request the worshippers, please not to gather outside the Masjid and follow the government guidance of social distancing.



Updated 30/08/20

Insha’Allah Weekday Classes will now resume as normal in the Masjid from Wednesday 2nd September. 

Please find a letter outlining details of re-opening here

Please also find Covid-19 Risk Assessment for re-opening of Madrassah here